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Откуда Spain / Andalucia / Alora

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Персональная информация

Настоящее имя Laura
Пол Жен
Дата рождения 12 янв. 1990 г.


ICQ https://www.postcrossing.com/user/Tirr

Обо мне

🔷About me:
🔹 I'm a software developer living in the countryside of a small town near the south coast of Spain.
🔹I have a baby girl, who was born in March 2022. Her name is Diana.
🔹I like to go to the gym, and to swim. I love writing and reading and I'm a fan of the Cosmere saga, the Game of Thrones saga, The Witcher saga, the Kingkiller Chronicle and Terry Pratchett's novels.
🔹I collect postcards because my mother always bought a (some) postcards when we traveled in the past, when I was a child. And after that, I decide to continue her collection before I knew I love sending and receiving postcard.
🔹I also collect stamps, and I love washi tapes (I have 1000+ different washi tape rolls)

PS: Please, respect my privacy. Don't publish the back of a postcard showing my address/message on your blog/website. Thank you very much!

Предпочтения по обмену

🔸You can write me in your language.
🔸I prefer all my postcards written and stamped without envelope, except if you send a Gotochi.
🔸Please, date your postcard (if it's possible and you want to, add time and weather too).

🔷 What could you write me?
If you need inspiration:
🔹Tell me about you favorite quote, song, novel, movie or series.
🔹Tell me a secret.
🔹What is the weather today?
🔹How was your day/week?
🔹Tell me about your wishes in the near future.
🔹Try to describe me a sound or a smell.
🔹What do you think about the image on the postcard?
🔹Recommend me some locations in your homeland.
🔹Write me your last dream.

🔷 What could you send me?
If you need some recommendations:
🔹Animals (but I have panic to cockroaches, bats and snakes)
🔹Landscapes (mountains, forests, meadows, fields, lakes, beaches...)
🔹Fog, snow
🔹Sunrise, sunset
🔹Botanical: Flowers, fruits, trees...
🔹Castles, palaces, ruins
🔹Cemeteries, graveyards, tombstones
🔹Seasons, months, horoscopes, zodiac
🔹Food, recipes, traditional dishes, typical dishes
🔹Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Witcher...
🔹WPD and Meet-up postcards
🔹Lantern Press
🔹Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk
🔹Krtek (Little Mole)
🔹Hedgehogs by Glushchenko
🔹Gotochi (please, use an envelope and write your address on it to send a postcard back to you)
🔹Shaped postcards
🔹Set/Box postcard

🔷 I will probably not appreciate it as it deserves:
You can send one to me and I'll probably like it, but it'll be better if you send them to people who really love them:
🔹Handmade, 3D, Wooden, Ad Cards
🔹Lali Riddle, Inkognito, Tausendschön, Inge Löök

And, if after all you don't know which card to send me, please choose one at random.

PS: Please, respect my privacy. Don't publish the back of a postcard showing my address/message on your blog/website. Thank you very much!



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