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Exchanging of regional or national, tarot cards or playing cards (single cards or full deck of cards) \Обмен, региональные или национальные карты таро или игральные карты (одиночные карты или полная колода карт)
Catholic souvenirs exchange (Wymiana katolickimi pamiątkami)
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Откуда Spain / Andalucia / Alora

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Персональная информация

Настоящее имя Laura
Пол Жен
Дата рождения 12 янв. 1990 г.


ICQ https://www.postcrossing.com/user/Tirr

Обо мне

🔷About me:
🔹 I'm a software developer living in the countryside of a small town near the south coast of Spain.
🔹I have a baby girl, who was born in March 2022. Her name is Diana.
🔹I like to go to the gym, and to swim. I love writing and reading and I'm a fan of the Cosmere saga, the Game of Thrones saga, The Witcher saga, the Kingkiller Chronicle and Terry Pratchett's novels.
🔹I collect postcards because my mother always bought a (some) postcards when we traveled in the past, when I was a child. And after that, I decide to continue her collection before I knew I love sending and receiving postcard.
🔹I also collect stamps, and I love washi tapes (I have 1000+ different washi tape rolls)

PS: Please, respect my privacy. Don't publish the back of a postcard showing my address/message on your blog/website. Thank you very much!

Предпочтения по обмену

🔸You can write me in your language.
🔸I prefer all my postcards written and stamped without envelope, except if you send a Gotochi.
🔸Please, date your postcard (if it's possible and you want to, add time and weather too).

🔷 What could you write me?
If you need inspiration:
🔹Tell me about you favorite quote, song, novel, movie or series.
🔹Tell me a secret.
🔹What is the weather today?
🔹How was your day/week?
🔹Tell me about your wishes in the near future.
🔹Try to describe me a sound or a smell.
🔹What do you think about the image on the postcard?
🔹Recommend me some locations in your homeland.
🔹Write me your last dream.

🔷 What could you send me?
If you need some recommendations:
🔹Animals (but I have panic to cockroaches, bats and snakes)
🔹Landscapes (mountains, forests, meadows, fields, lakes, beaches...)
🔹Fog, snow
🔹Sunrise, sunset
🔹Botanical: Flowers, fruits, trees...
🔹Castles, palaces, ruins
🔹Cemeteries, graveyards, tombstones
🔹Seasons, months, horoscopes, zodiac
🔹Food, recipes, traditional dishes, typical dishes
🔹Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Witcher...
🔹WPD and Meet-up postcards
🔹Lantern Press
🔹Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk
🔹Krtek (Little Mole)
🔹Hedgehogs by Glushchenko
🔹Gotochi (please, use an envelope and write your address on it to send a postcard back to you)
🔹Shaped postcards
🔹Set/Box postcard

🔷 I will probably not appreciate it as it deserves:
You can send one to me and I'll probably like it, but it'll be better if you send them to people who really love them:
🔹Handmade, 3D, Wooden, Ad Cards
🔹Lali Riddle, Inkognito, Tausendschön, Inge Löök

And, if after all you don't know which card to send me, please choose one at random.

PS: Please, respect my privacy. Don't publish the back of a postcard showing my address/message on your blog/website. Thank you very much!



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