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Beautiful postcards with a message <3 #121

Members of this group exchanges postcards with or without an envelope.
On the card, YOU MUST WRITE A LITTLE MESSAGE, for example, something about yourself, a quote, your biggest dream, your fears, hobbies, bad habits, things you love or that make you happy, your favorite recipe, your favorite passage from a book, a little story that changed your life, life lesson you have learned or something else that makes you smile :)
Make sure you would like to receive what you send ;) Have a lot of fun receiving and sending these lovely postcards <3

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15 janvier 2022 à 19:34

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10 janvier 2022 à 16:50

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7 janvier 2022 à 19:00

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29 décembre 2021 à 14:01

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21 décembre 2021 à 20:44

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11 décembre 2021 à 19:26

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30 novembre 2021 à 14:21

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24 novembre 2021 à 18:47

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