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Postcards sent between us - low number of persons, but active :)
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This group is dedicated to collecting and sharing buttons. #55

Collectibles buttons.
Sharing buttons.
Photos rare and expensive buttons.
History of the buttons.
If you know something interesting about the buttons and their stories - write!
If you are a collector of buttons - show us his collection of buttons!
This group is dedicated to collecting and sharing buttons.

Пользователи (40)


Nolif 20 октября 2015 г., 17:04

Second life for buttons...

Meggi_Larson 22 октября 2015 г., 12:51

very original, it is you do?

kanmoi78 9 октября 2015 г., 14:26

Hello, I am interested in collecting buttons

u79 7 октября 2015 г., 12:46

I have a collection you have somebody buttons with pictures of flowers? I collect flowers

sadalibandu 4 октября 2015 г., 12:55

Hi, I'm from South Africa, I want to change something
Sorry for my English

aruba 3 октября 2015 г., 17:03

I change anything with great pleasure