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Ain Aignies

Откуда Malaysia / Selangor / Sementa Batu Enam

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Персональная информация

Настоящее имя Ain
Пол Жен
Дата рождения 14 нояб. 1990 г.


Bsc. Hons BIT with Marketing, Coventry University, UK

Обо мне

Hi...i'm ain from Selangor, a small lovely town in Malaysia.

My hobbies are travelling, books, stamps, and spend time with my friends and family.

I also love to learn new language and culture.

if possible, to receive teabags,fridge magnets, stamps, keychain or postcards with (this is not a "compulsory" list, feel free to send other subjects if you don't have the following ones):

-greetings from postcards sent from origin only..published by postallove ( I HAVE Slovakia,Singapore, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, China and France)
- landscapes;
- historic buildings;
- historical subjects;
- liberty-style subjects (furniture, paintings, statues, etc.);
- musical and folk/popular subjects;

Please NO:

Favourite part:
Beautiful stamps (no envelope please).
Enjoy lovely decoration including stickers & washi tapes. ~(ˆヮˆ )~

Feel free to write some words in your mother tongue language and please tell me something about you, your country or your thoughts.

Thank You.

Предпочтения по обмену

fridge magnets, stamps, keychain