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D'où Hong Kong / Kwon Tong / Kwun Tong

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all~
I like reading and listening music. For sovniers, I would like to receive something related to my hobbies, e.g. bookmarks/ CD. I collect train/bus tickets, used stamps and coins as well.

Préférences en échange

Postcard preferences:
- Vintage
- Book related theme
- Cute animals
Something special or unique, such as handmade, shaped or wooden card.
I'm a cat and rabbit lover. Besides postcards, I collect things that can decorating cards or letter, such as stamps airmail stickers, and washi tape.
Hope those information will help you to choose postcards or souvenir to me. Thank you all for your reading.
I can't wait for you guy's mail!

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