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December Birthday Postcards (Not Folded Birthday Cards)
Слава Україні. Героям Слава.
Exchanging of regional or national, tarot cards or playing cards (single cards or full deck of cards)

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D'où United States / West Virginia / Mount Hope

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Information personnelle

Vrai nom Stephanie

Sur moi

I am from the USA. I love music. Especially Christian / Gospel music. My favorite singer is Lauren Talley. I don't like rock music or rap. I love the colors pink and purple. I don't like nude, rude or crude postcards.

Préférences en échange

Postcards: lighthouses, dogs, cats (not blue cats please), seals, dolphins, porches, vintage, retro, nostalgia, landscapes, rain photography, lightning photography, bible verses, bunnies, Thomas Kinkade postcards, etc.



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