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From Belarus / Brestskaya Voblasts' / Baranovichi

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Personal Info

Real Name Попко Людмила
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Jul 27, 1982




Hello! My name is Mila. I live in the beautiful country of Belarus. She is married. I have two beautiful children. I really like the idea of ​​exchanging gifts. I like very much not only to receive surprises and gifts, but to give them. Nice to make someone happy! Good luck and love, and let there be many happy days.

Exchange Preferences

I really like the gifts made ​​by hand. Especially if it's dolls, fairy-tale characters. My daughter is not yet one year old. It would be nice to please some of her toys. I will be glad to any souvenirs. Thank you very much for your attention. Также я очень буду рада, если Вы мне вышлите какую-нибудь красивую монетку!!!