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Woher Cuba / Santiago de Cuba / Santiago de Cuba

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Persönliche Daten

Wirklicher Name Aime
Geschlecht Frau
Geburtsdatum 06.08.1971


Telefon +5353686313

Über mich

I prefer the snailmailing: postcards + pen pals, long or short letters.
My city is Santiago de Cuba, the most Caribbean city of my country.
I like making friends without border.
I´m curious, optimist and passionate person. I love reading, every day,
listen music all the time, and being creative. I always be exploring nature, watching movies or series, specially Sci Fi, and korean dramas.
And I love Classical+Queen+Jazz!!!
And I love YOGA, NAMASTÉ!!!


Hola, my name is Aimucha----Aimucha.
I am a Cuban radio-script writer and journalist.
One of my favorite hobby is to collect postcards from all over the world.
And I´m interesting in direct swap.
Some types of postcards I would like to receive:
- Moomins
- Books, Clasics Novels or Series
- Paintings
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Museums
- Monuments
- National Parks
- All about Korea, Hangul, Kpop, Lee Joon Gi, JunKi, Lee Min Ho, -Doramas
- Old Postcards
- Black and white cards
-Yoga, asanas

But, DON´T WORRY, BE HAPPY and send me anything...
Will be in contact.

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