From Turkmenistan / Lebap / Turkmenabad

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Hello! My name is Jennet and I from Turkmenistan)) I would like to recieve as many postcards as possible ^^Because its interesting to me to know more about your country and culture^_^
My wish list is postcards with:
-owls, wolves, red pandas, wild cats, husky dogs , british blue shorthair cats, kittens
-dragons, fairies
-viws of your country only with nature (f.ex. view on a mountain in a green valley and etc.)
- films(like Hobbit, Star wars, Avatar, Alice in the Wonderland...).
-anime and Hayao Miyazaki's works
-sth related to your culture (people in national clothes, holidays)
-sunsets, dawns, starry sky,pink sky
-anything, that you may think is cute or interesting
-Зеленая лампочка

Please dont send me ads of food or sth else, used and selfprinted, bird,Christmas and Easter postcards.
Will be waiting for your postcard!!!=^^=
Also if there would be some place on postcard, please, write you address ;)