从哪里 Spain / Catalonia / Olot

等级: 864


明信片 42 78
纪念品 45 64
包裹组 44 30


真实名字 maria del carmen
性别 女性
出生日期 Nov 14, 1965


Hello! My name is Maricarmen, I live with my family, my three cats, and my two dogs, they are the love of my life, I work many hours a week, but when I arrive on Sunday I love to write and check my email, once a The week, my Sunday afternoons are fantastic! And I'm a fan of memories from all countries. I also collect stamps and miniatures if I want to exchange with me, I would be very happy. I like headlights a lot! There is one in your country!
please send me the postcard in envelope, I love the envelopes with their stamps. I love matrioskas dolls. !!!
want to exchange? I always answer!
Maria del Carmen Sanchez Alonso
av san joan 52
17800 olot
Greetings from Spain


Please send me the postcard in envelope, I collect the envelope too!
stamp and more stamp
matrioskas I Love matrioskas!!( souvenier, postcart, magnet, stamp , all matrioskas!!!!)