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真实名字 Laura
性别 女性
出生日期 Jan 12, 1990


ICQ https://www.postcrossing.com/user/Tirr
网站 https://www.postcardunited.com/user/Tirr


Hi I'm Laura.

I live in a small town near the south coast of Spain, famous for its Caminito del Rey.

I'm 29 years old (since January), I work as a computer developer in a big company and I like to go to the gym and to swim in my spare time. I also write, mostly in role-playing forums, where I "adopt" the personality and life of a character and I push it forward until something causes it to end.

I'm a fan of the Game of Thrones saga, I have read all the books published and I have seen the series (several times). I love it.

I like traveling a lot and I've been to Scotland, Slovenia, Austria and Italy, and to many places in Spain.

** I collect coins, banknotes, stamps, washitapes and, of course postcards.

I will be glad to receive as a gift any card on your taste. But, I specially love:
— Landscapes of your country
— Historical
— Cultural sides
— Something representative of the place where you live
— FOTW (Flags of the World), GF (Greetings From), WOW (What do you know about), WT (World Travel), HPC (Hoppy Postcrossing), Icons. You can see my collection here: shorturl.at/aFNV6
— Mammals

Could you write me a greeting o farewell in your language? Thank you so much!

PS: I have discovered new passions with postcards that are not in the topics of my list, so feel free to send a postcard of your likes, not mine.



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