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I Love Canada! (Postcards)

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Откуда Dominica / Saint Andrew / Calibishie

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Персональная информация

Настоящее имя Vickie R. Telemacque
Пол Жен
Дата рождения 31 дек. 1988 г.


Skype serlina88
Веб-сайт http://natureislelove.blogspot.com/



Обо мне


I am from the Lovely Nature isle of the Caribbean - the Commonwealth island of Dominica.
I like receiving postcards from around the world.
That which started of as just a small friendly exchanged turned out to be an expensive but satisfying hobby for me.

I appreciate friendships from everyone, and surprise cards which are of beautiful landscapes & nature, Multi-view cards, or city view cards of tourist/UNESCO sites.

I also love receiving packages - big or small surprise gifts.

I have created a facebook group for my penpals just to be able to update them as to when i have received or mailed out their postcards/letters. http://facebook.com/groups/Natureislelovepenpals/

What i have received from my pals i have posted them via my facebook page: http://facebook.com/natureislelove
or my blog: http://natureislelove.blogspot.com

My Instagram is: Natureislelove - feel free to follow me i follow back.

Apart from collecting postcards/gifts(souvenirs & collectibles) & making penpals & friendships, i type & compose poems, as well as work on the chapters of my novel. I also love reading novels, genre such as Romance, crime, paranormal romance, mystery - are my great interest.

Feel free to follow, like and comment on my blog, or send me a message via my fb page.


Предпочтения по обмену

I am interested in:
*Historical & Cultural structures,
*Multi-view cards,
*City view cards,
*Culture & Nature.
(I am not a fan of animal cards)

>Souvenirs/Collectibles from countries around the world:
*Books - Novels, pocket calender's, diaries, etc
*Flags of country
*Coins/Banknote of country

And any other collectibles you would like to send me.

>Snail-mail penpals:

I accept postcards ONLY in Envelope!!!

Thanks for swapping with me - i always return a card of my country back to the person who send me a postcard/souvenir of their country.



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