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Откуда France / Centre / Bourges

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Пол Жен
Дата рождения 11 янв. 1962 г.

Обо мне

I am 58 years old, collect magnets and postcards, living in the Center of FRANCE

Предпочтения по обмену

I love to collect magnets, recipe postcards, and other postcards, pin's , touristic spoon, stamps,

Please indicate DATE on postcards/mails, and write some words about yourself or your day. Real & colorful postage stamps on mails are appreciated,
I prefer postcard in decorated enveloppe too with beautiful stamps

Favorite postcard themes :
1 - recipe/food, drink
2 - lighthouse,
3 - windhouse,
4 - boat
5 - maxicard
6 - culinary art
7 - Christmass, Valentine's day, B-day, New Year, St Patrick, Easter and every Traditional Feast/Festival
8 - map / flag of your country / city
9 - GF / WT / FOTW / MCPS / HPC
10 - state card (if you are in USA)

For swap : I prefer washi, stickers, goodies from your country, tea bag, stuff, stationnery,
I also collect stamps, first day covers, fridge magnets, bookmarks, matchboxes, keychains & handkerchief/scarves.
I like irregular sized/unusual postage stamps, stationery sets & colorful stickers too!

Or, surprise me with souvenirs from your region/country!

However, here's something I don't prefer to receive...
1. printed words... please send your card with your handwriting
2. a blank card, please write me something, at least your favorite quotes or motto
3. self-made or self-printed postcards (ibon etc)
4. electronic stamps if possible
5. used cards
6. ad-cards if possible
7. folded cards
8. taobao cards if possible
9. touchnote
10. just a piece of paper
11. sexy card
12. religious stuff
13. photographic paper
14. food package



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