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Flowers / цветы :-)
Ах, эта конфета, как дивно одета... Фантики.
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Alinka Malinka

D'où Russian Federation / Krasnodar / Apsheronsk

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Information personnelle

Vrai nom Alisha
Sexe Fém.
Date de naissance 7 juin 1985


Numéro de téléphone +79884701670

Sur moi

Общительный жизнерадостный человек)))))

Préférences en échange

Hello, I have no particular preference, but would not refuse from objects of your culture. And I'm going to beer caps from different countries and any rare. I collect stamps, coins and small banknotes. I would be happy if you send me your national money. Various talismans, amulets, talismans from different countries. Necklaces and bracelets made of stones of natural jade, turquoise, onyx, agate, and various others.I shall be grateful for the seeds for the garden. My son is 7 years. He will also be happy to receive your souvenir. He is very fond of everything about space. Thanks in advance for pleasant surprises. Wishes to postcards:
1. any architecture (especially castle and fortress!)
2. scenic spots of your country / city
3. black and white photo on the postcard / vintage
5 people / children
6. seascapes
7. animals
8. cartoon characters
9. characters from movies
10. sports
11. space
I prefer postcards classic standard 10 * 15, but not long (European standard).

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