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9 août 2023 à 19:23

dorothy received postage GB-1005 from lesera

5 mars 2023 à 11:31

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25 janvier 2023 à 23:10

Chrissi24091988 received postage HK-3714 from dorothy

AngelinaK 8 janvier 2023 à 15:17

Ruzzists, you did fuck all to stop the war,
hiding in the corner with pathetic excuses (AND YOUR CHILDISH POSTCARDS, IMAGES AND STORIES ON HERE)
because this war and genocide are even joyful for you based on your reactions in social media.
You simply do not have that critical mass for the protests because you are... who you are...
and you will be punished for your silence!
We hate you and hundreds of your generations ahead!
You are a hole in the map.
You don't belong to a civilised world.
Just get out of our lives!

8 janvier 2023 à 11:44

Elsa received postage HK-3713 from dorothy

20 décembre 2022 à 15:44

abelard received postage HK-3620 from dorothy

16 décembre 2022 à 14:14

Apollinette received postage HK-3619 from dorothy

1 décembre 2022 à 19:55

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27 novembre 2022 à 13:27

chaba_deme received postage HK-3546 from dorothy

10 novembre 2022 à 18:09

Elsa received postage HK-3531 from dorothy