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Русмарка. #104

Только продукция Русмарки (почтовые карточки с литерой В, с оригинальной маркой, немаркированные).

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4 août 2022 à 07:58

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29 octobre 2021 à 18:37

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29 octobre 2021 à 18:33

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28 octobre 2021 à 10:39

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2 octobre 2021 à 13:56

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Volodya_VA 14 septembre 2021 à 10:48

Hello, people. This group was set up in order to exchange РусМарка cards, I do understand that it would be ok to bend he rules a little bit, i would expect to receive cards from other official postal offices (i.e. not from the average shops that have no affiliation with the postal service). Also i would expect to receive cards related to RusMarka stamps, even if they were made by other shops, or... if we bend it twice, maybe stamps of other countries. However, by now this is getting ridiculous, even the original person who has started this group has left, because people just use this group to exchange random things. Well... i am leaving. Good bye. I guess exchanging in groups is pretty much dead on this site. It really begins to feel like spam.

14 septembre 2021 à 10:42

Volodya_VA received postage HK-1922 from dorothy

20 août 2021 à 16:19

Volodya_VA received postage HK-1096 from dorothy