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Sergei Ignatev

From Russian Federation / Nizhegorod / Nizhniy Novgorod

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Personal Info

Real Name Сергей
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Jul 25, 1991

Exchange Preferences

hi all!
I'd like to collect postcards since I like traveling and I'd like to know more about the culture of your country / city :) my hobbies are writing, computer games, anime, reading, language learning and music.
if you haven't got any idea about what to send me, here's something I'd like to receive (but of course it isn't a must...these are just the brief suggestions):
1. architecture
2. your country / city views
3. map / flag of your country / city
4. Pantone!
5. 3-D, cloth, metal or wooden postcard... if you don't think that's too expensive lol
6. Anime
7. posta collect (if you are in japan)
8. black and white photo on the postcard / vintage
9. astronomy especially solar system :)
10. films especially the vintage ones
11. music!
12. monograms or any special patterns
13. sketch of your city
14. keep calm!
15. postal service of your country / city
16. dollars / currencies of your country / city
17. Greetings From (Postallove)
18. state card (if you are in USA)
19. gotochi cards :)
20. maxicards
21. aurora borealis (if you are in northern Europe)