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Christiana Nemesis

From Russian Federation / Vladimir / Kovrov

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Personal Info

Real Name Vodovskih Christina
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Oct 11, 1997


Skype arkristivamp
Website insta: christiana_nemesis


Y.S.P.U. - Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University (Major - Preschool education)


Hello friend! I`m Christina (24) and I want to make friends around the world! I have many interests and I hope to travel to different countries in future!

Exchange Preferences

Hello friend! I`m glad to get something interesting from your country and you! My interests: postcards, books(fantasy, detective, fantastic, fairytales), films/series, mythology, ethnic things, esthetic, vintage style; I like animals, esp. cats! I`m tolkienist and potteroman:) Also I`m close to japanese and korean cultures. I will be very glad to get some interesting souvenirs or some traditional things of your country or postcards or mainly something interesting! Thanks for attention!