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Слава Україні. Героям Слава.
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From Nigeria / Rivers / Port Harcourt

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Personal Info

Real Name Goodluck Ede
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Apr 20, 1973


Phone 2349038195178




I am a jazz musician from Nara, Nigeria,where I serve as a tourist guide. My personal philosophy is living to put smiles on people's faces.Africa is my passion(I deal on African arts and craft and African traditional wears). I like writing poems, travelling and reading.My favourite book is PAY IT FORWARD by Catherine Ryan Hyde.I also like watching football and basketball.I enjoy learning new languages and reading archaeological and architectural magazines.I would like to exchange postcards,coins,tourist and sports souvenirs,watches,music CDs(your favourite modern music,traditional music),movie CDs,books,architectural,archaeological and historical magazines,traditional wears,artworks.Whatever you want from Africa just tell me. If u want to visit I will assist u ,host u and take u around some interesting places in my hometown Nara, Enugu State. NIGERIA. My tel/WhatsApp number is 2349038195178. My email is Thanks.

Exchange Preferences

From all over the world.I prefer exchanging souvenirs like books,sport jerseys,watches,music and audo CDs,movies ,tourist T-shirts, traditional music collection, Techno/ House/jazz music,poetry collection, chocolates, historical/archaeological/fashion magazines, detective novels ,banknotes and tourist keyholders.