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Skycrossing Warszawa
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Exchange for Belarus(Обмен по Беларуси)

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Woher Russian Federation / Moscow City / Moscow

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Wirklicher Name Татьяна
Geschlecht Frau
Geburtsdatum 05.01.1978

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@khaninatv_, @potcrossing_moskva


My name is Tatiana, I am 42 years old.
I like postcards:
- with a view of Your city/country
-national motives of Your region,
- lilac and mixed bouquets with lilac
- roses
- tulips (especially white ones)
- mushrooms and stories with mushrooms
- strawberry
- bullfinches and blue Tits (other birds frighten me)
-cats and seals, only cartoon cats and not sphinxes
- cows
- umbrellas, rainy weather
- stories from the fairy tale " little Red riding hood"
Please send me a postcard with a short story about yourself, your city, or the story associated with the image on the postcard.
Here you can view my wishlist:
January 5 is my birthday and I will be very happy to receive your congratulations on this day.