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Я тебя люблю!!!!!!
Переливающиеся, голографические, стерео, 3Д и объёмные открытки. 3D Lenticular (flip-flop,stereo,holographic ) postcards.

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Series cards #127

this group is for the series cards
FOTW, MOTW, COTW, MCPS and many others
lets enjoy

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Elsa 30. Juni 2023 um 08:56

§ ПидароZZия!

4. August 2022 um 08:43

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lesera 13. Oktober 2019 um 22:36
this is my collection, if anyone have something new, please let me know, we can swap, i have UK, EU, England or Lithuania

Gawhara36 8. Januar 2020 um 16:46

Hello am leila from morocco,am interesting to Exchange stamp am News in the web site