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Elongated Coins #117

For all who collect elongated coins aka pressed pennies.
It´s common to find coin elongation machines in tourism hubs , big cities, museums, amusement parks and natural or man-made landmarks.

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yacine21 13. Oktober 2019 um 13:52

Hello, I´m abdelouahab yacine and I live in algeria.
I love Hobby
collecting paper money both past and present
Postage stamps and Banknotes
.I collect banknotes and coins and postcards from all over the world, and I would be happy to help you with your collections
Hobbies :
Banknotes Coins
coins are old
Rare Currencies
Banknotes are rare
I collect banknotes and coins

And I'll be glad if you send me ould be very grateful to you ,
I will send via registered post for safety.

my address is :
abdelouahab yacine
cite porte charef bloc 55 n 19
djelfa 17000 algerie

thank you