Postcards from all Regions, Republics and Territories of Russian Federation #44

I'm Svetla from Bulgaria.
I try to collect views postcards from all Regions, Republics and Territories of Russian Federation.

Please, send me a view card from the city in Russia where you live.

I have views from -

Krai - Altai, Primorsky
Oblast - Kaliningrad, Samara
Federal Cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg

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soazig 7 mai 2018 04:38

Could anybody tell me what is shown on that card and where it is located? There is no legend on the card! Thanks in advance!

Svetla 18 juin 2015 12:03

Republic of Buryatia

Shukhrat 7 juin 2017 20:17

Хотите открытку из Узбекистана?

Andrea80 15 juin 2015 08:07

Hello I am Andrea from Indonesia, I collect all regions and city in Russia, I have from Primorye Krai city Ussuriisk , Moscow Oblast, St Petersburg, Smolensk,Barnaul and Kemerovo. Please send me any cards from other city in Russia. I can send you any theme cards from my fb album user Alexandrina Ramadhani. ( my album is public) спасибо большое

Svetla 22 mai 2015 11:35


Svetla 22 mai 2015 11:35


Svetla 22 mai 2015 11:35

Murmansk, Lake Semyonovskoye

Svetla 22 mai 2015 11:34

Chelyabinsk, The sphere of love

Svetla 8 mai 2015 20:28

"The Motherland Calls", Volgograd - Russia

Svetla 30 avril 2015 21:56

I want more!!! :-D

Svetla 30 avril 2015 21:58

Please, help me to collect all regions in Russia.
In return I'll send you a card from my country - Bulgaria. :)

Svetla 30 avril 2015 21:53

St. Michael's Castle in the historic centre of Saint Petersburg, Russia.