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First of all, I wish you a great day, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you came to my page! :)
My interests are so different:
I love the Cosmic Space; books: dystopian, the detective (Sherlock Holmes forever; the Universes of Tolkien and Harry Potter and movies on them); movies (e.g. horror, futurism, detective and fantasy, especially Game of Thrones, Dr. Who & Star wars (I like it all)), Scandinavia (mythology, culture, music, life and history), art, music, comics (very), extreme sports, English humor (I love "Mr. Bean" and show "a bit of Fry and Laurie"),animals(snakes, large dogs, horses, wolfs, wild animals), wildlife and ocean.
I live in Moscow and dream to get a dog (someday, someday).
I would be glad to receive a postcard or gift that you own would want to get! Especially I'm happy get some of your favorite sweets/tea/coffee/snacks. But every present for me is a surprise and event.
Happy postcrossing and peace!