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Postcards 50 61
Souvenirs 19 13
Group Postages 16 11

Personal Info

Real Name Vince I. Migliore
Sex Male
Date Of Birth Jan 9, 1964


College graduate: Psychology, Nursing


I just love learning about far-away countries and different cultures. Tell me about where you live. What are the customs, the industry, the people.

Exchange Preferences

I am happy with ANY postcards, but I appreciate personal touches you add, like a drawing, comment, or sticker.
I am very interested in angels, UFOs, space aliens, early electronics and inventions. I also like anything that depicts something unique about your town or country. Tell me something about yourself or your town.
I play ukulele and some other instruments. I like spiritual matters.

For souvenirs, I like to exchange postcards or small (inexpensive) gifts such as coins, token, pictures, news articles - whatever: use your imagination. I am open to requests and direct exchanges. Write and ask for my address.

FOR YOU: I have a box full of "trading cards" with different subjects. These are the size of baseball trading cards, which are 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches (about 60 x 90 mm.) I have the following subjects. Let me know if any of this interests you and I will send one or two to you.

I have box of postcards of animals painted by artists, a box of Disney cards, and a box of Pixar cards.
Pixar is a movie studio like Disney.