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Sex Female
Date Of Birth Dec 14, 1991


Skype Cristinsusnea


UNIVERSITY "Dunărea de Jos" Galați Public administration profile


Hello everybody,
I'm Cristina from a small city named Galati from Romania. If I have to present myself in 3 words, these would be : tea , volunteering , traveler.
I love to travel, so until now I visited just Europe, but this year i'm planning to visit Asia and USA. I would love to learn Chinese.
Also, as a traveler , I start to collect fridge magnets but also postcards.
I love sending and receive postcards, because some of my friends are everywhere in this world, so a postcard make me feel closer by them and their culture.

If you would like to send me a postcard, i would love to add it to my collection .

Thank you in advance .
Happy postcrossing

Exchange Preferences

My favorite type of postcards:
-everything that can show your culture
-unusual shapes of the postcard
-hot air balloons
-medieval castles & fortress
-pin up girls
-cartoon (disney, Marvel, etc)
-And many more
If you don't know what to write, here are some topics: receipts ( my favorite) of a dish that you like, about you, greetings in your language, weirdest traditions from your culture, about your city/country, something random that you want to share with me, french expressions, Chinese phrases, etc.
I will be happy with everything you send to me.