Travelling around the world #36

What places you would like to visit or already visited? What places you think are good or bad, cheap or expensive?
Куда вы хотели бы поехать и где уже побывали? Что порекоммендуете друг другу?

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Africanambassador July 28, 2016 9:29 PM

Hello fellow globetrotters,I am a jazz musician from Nara (in Enugu State of) Nigeria,where I serve as a tourist guide..Nara is a picturesque agrarian town where you can experience first class African hospitality.Coming to Nara will offer you the opportunity to taste mouthwatering African delicacies like ABACHA(slice cassava dish),UGBA,EGUSI(melon) SOUP and ACHICHA(dried cocoyam dish).You can also use the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurial Igbo speaking inhabitants,the world acclaimed arts and crafts champions of the IGBOUKWU BRONZE fame.You can also buy African arts and crafts as well as African traditional wears.You can also participate in cultural festivals like New Yam Festival,Ofala Festival,and naming ceremonies where you can take an Igbo name.You can learn Igbo language as well as visit tourist attractions like ONE STOREY MUD HOUSE,OJOROWO RIVER,OGBUOGBA RIVER,ASU RIVER,UNATEZE(TRADITIONAL CHIEF'S) PALACE,NDAGOLO(BEAUTIFUL FOREST) AND OTHERS.You can also observe a palm-wine tapper at work, after which you can taste the sweet palm wine(NKWU OR NGWO).If you are interested in visiting this small paradise or exchanging gifts or seeking for further information,please contact me through this address:GOODLUCK EDE,P O BOX 7784,FEDERAL SECRETARIAT,PORT HARCOURT,RIVERS STATE. NIGERIA.

June 19, 2016 11:40 AM

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